Glamping Unplugged F.A.Q.

What is "Glamping?" And is it right for me? 

Glamping is a combination of the terms "glamorous" and "camping." You WILL be camping, but our version of camping is as comfortable as camping can be! Camping Simplified is what we call it. Welcome to Glamping Unplugged. 

Which category do you fall in?

1. CAMPING REGULARS: Glamping will be next level for you! You will be in your element, but with NO lugging around a tent, cooler, pillows, blankets, etc.  The hard work is already done and a King + Bunks await you. More time for the fun stuff. Feel free to click your heels. Now would be a good time. Welcome to Glamping Unplugged.

2. NEW TO CAMPING: This is the best way to get your feet wet! You may be stepping slightly outside your comfort zone, but not to worry, your comfort is paramount and we have thought ahead. The payoff awaits you! Consider Glamping the kiddie pool, you simply are not ready for the deep end of planning what to bring and lugging supplies (not to mention purchasing gear!) We did all the thinking for you.  You are welcome.  Welcome to Glamping Unplugged! 

3. HYBRID: Maybe you are experienced, but your better half isn't or you have kids coming this time? Jump in, the water is warm (figuratively, not always literally). Arrive optimistic and with kid's eyes. You will leave recharged and reconnected and with the payoff under your belt! Welcome to Glamping Unplugged. 

THE SMALL PRINT (in bold and in regular type size): If the thought of encountering a bug visitor concerns you, this is probably not your cup of tea. Probably best to stay in your lane. If Glamping does not elicit excitement and poke your adventurous side, more than likely we are not for you. No worries, let's part as friends and not force anything. Glamping is not be for everyone! Find another way to disconnect, recharge and immerse yourself in Nature!

Where are we located?

Our address is technically Deep Gap NC, however, we are only 8.7 miles or 15 minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway and Boone NC. We are located off a state-maintained road that rises 50+ feet over the property creating a beautiful rock wall view from your Dome deck over the creek. You will sleep feet from a noisy state-stocked trout stream on 8.5 acres. Your Dome is in the heart of the High Country! 15 minutes to a grocery store and gas, 20 minutes to downtown Boone (upscale dining to Starbucks) and then only 6 more miles to the quaint town of Blowing Rock NC. You will be within 30-45 minutes of all the High Country has to offer from the ski resorts, whitewater rafting, ziplining, high gravity ropes, gem mining, snow tubing, river tubing, shopping and really good restaurants! Airports: Greensboro, Charlotte, Asheville and Tri-Cities TN are all within about 2 hours of property. But save time to just experience nature on property, that is why you are here!

What We Provide:

  • An Instagram-worthy nature-immersive experience
  • A primitive, private camping site (1 of only 2) on 8.5 acres with 1200 feet of state stocked trout stream
  • 20' wide, 10' tall, 300 square foot, steel, geodesic dome tent on a huge deck
  • King Bed + Bunk Beds (sleeps 4) with Linens, Pillows, Comforter and Towels provided
  • Fire Pit + Outdoor Seating including Hammocks
  • Charcoal grill, well-insulated cooler & compostable bowls, cutlery and cups
  • Two 22,000mAh battery-powered USB power packs (to recharge lighting and interior fan)
  • Camping wipes to deodorize yourself (or use the stream!) & a new, private port-o-let toilet
  • All the Nature one needs and maybe a little bit of Whimsy along the way!

* During the winter months only, we provide firewood and starter logs for the tent stove in Treehouse Dome only (not for the fire pits). Our original dome does not have insulation or a tent stove!

What We Do NOT Provide:

  • Electricity.  We provide rechargeable USB battery packs to illuminate your tent at night, charge your iPhone and get your fan cranking during the summer months. 
  • Plumbing.  Bring Your Own Water.  The stream is crystal clean for bathing (not drinking and you CANNOT USE SOAP - we provide towelettes to clean your underarms properly) and we provide a brand new port-o-john (cleaned daily) and toilet paper.
  • WiFi. You are already over-connected and this is the time to reconnect by disconnecting. Reignite romance, breathe in nature, spark conversation, play a board game, make S'Mores. Reconnect and soak in Nature. This is why you chose Glamping Unplugged!

What You Should Bring:

  • Water, and plenty of it. You will be less than 15 minutes from a Lowes grocery store. And we supply a pull cart to bring heavier items to your Dome.
  • Ice for the cooler (10 pounds/night). Charcoal for the grill. Spices and food for the grill. Cooking pots and pans and a way to make your coffee (or go cold coffee. A bathing suit and fishing pole!
  • A camera phone! You will want to share your Instagram-worthy photos with friends and family. And if you tag photos of your family enjoying your camping/glamping experience @glampingunplugged or with #glampingunplugged, we have a surprise for you, wink, wink.
  • The correct mindset. We realize many of you are camping for the first time and this excites us. Camping is an experience, just have fun with it. Go with the flow. We promise the payoff at the end!

Check-IN Procedure:

  • DO NOT DRIVE OVER THE BRIDGE!!! Park without blocking the bridge or the creek. Unload your belongings into the provided heavy duty camping cart and hike 200 yards to your Dome.
  • Please arrive between 3pm and 7pm (daylight hours, it makes it so much easier)
  • You will receive the address and lockbox code 3 days before arrival. Please write down the lockbox code!

Check-OUT Procedure:

  • Do NOT strip beds.  Cleaners will handle that.
  • Please tidy up before you depart and return furniture if you moved anything.
  • Return the cart to parking.
  • Do not forget to return the key to the lock box!
  • Send us some photos and videos for Instagram and Facebook (828-386-7397)
  • Tag @glampingunplugged or use #glampingunplugged when you post about your experience!


  • Are you Family Friendly? Absolutely! However, we do not consider Treehouse Dome to be 100% child-proofed in any way (hot tent stove in winter months and cargo nets year-round). You will need to play parent during your stay!
  • Are you Pet Friendly? Yes, with an additional $35+ fee. 
  • Can we fish in the stream? Please do, but a fishing license is required and you can purchase one online, at an outfitter or Wal-Mart in Boone. Kids are covered by an adult license. Do send us images of your catches!
  • Can we exceed 4 guests and maybe pitch a tent? Probably not, but let's chat.
  • Will you be open year-round? Yes! Treehouse Dome is fully insulated (floor and walls) with a tent stove. WINTER IGLOO CAMPING!
  • Does the door have a lock? Yes, we have a residential front door with a deadbolt lock. We recommend ONLY using the top deadbolt during your stay.
  • How many Domes do you have? Only two on property and they are about 150 feet apart and face away from one another.
  • Can we pretty please have a fire in the retro fireplace on the deck?  Yup! We just cannot promise which Dome it will be on! You will have either a fire pit or the retro during your stay! 
  • Why are your weekdays priced so much lower? Because every weekend books, but not every weekday, so take advantage! Everyone and every budget should have a chance to Glamp-Camp!
  • Can I stay a weekday for free? I have a huge social media following?  Um, ok.  Let's chat.
  • Is there plumbing? No, please bring your own bottled water to drink. BYO-H2O.
  • Is there electricity? No, but we provide power chargers to keep the lights on and your cells charged! Bring the portable chargers with you when driving to recharge them if you are draining them.
  • Is there WiFi? Heavens no. Unplugging will do you some good, we promise!
  • Is there cell service? No, we want you to unplug. Use only your camera :)
  • Is not having all of these creature comforts a problem?  No, it's not a problem.
  • What about bathrooms? For the time being, until we build a small cabin on property, the bathroom is a port-o-john and/or Mother Nature.
  • What about showers? We provide only moist, biodegradable towelettes for cleaning yourself. Feel free to have a bath in the stream, but absolutely no soaps allowed! We intend to build a more private outdoor shower, but bring a swim suit for the time being! We provide camping towelettes to clean your bodies!
  • Does it get warm inside the Dome during the summer? Yes, but we have a solar fan that quietly runs continuously blowing out hot air and condensation in our original dome as well as screens to swap in the windows in our Original Dome and insulation and windows in Treehouse Dome. Plan on exploring or laze it up in a hammock outdoors during the peak heat times. NC tends to cool of in the evenings. Nature is your A/C. No charge, you are welcome.
  • Does it get cold inside the Dome?  Yes. For those Glamping in our original Dome on the outskirts of winter, October and April, we recommend packing accordingly and bringing additional sleeping bags and/or blankets. Those staying in Treehouse Dome will be toasty cozy warm with the insulation and text stove.
  • Can we drive to the front door, Ma has a bad knee? No, absolutely not. We have 4 reasons. 
    • The anticipation while walking up to the Dome for the first time is part of the experience. 
    • We want our little explorers to explore on property without their parents having to worry about cars.
    • With the exception of the charcoal grill, we want guests to experience a zero carbon footprint while on property. Did we mention we provide compostable cutlery, bowls and cups?
  • That was only 3 reasons? Nobody reasonable needs more than 3 reasons not to do something. This is a hard line in the sand for us. If you drive to the Dome, you will be asked to depart.
  • Why do you not make the beds? The last thing we want is for you to pull back the sheets and see a little bug that found its way inside the tent.  We launder and leave a nice pile for you to make your own bed when you are ready to make your own bed to sleep in or relax :)
  • Is there a smoke and carbon monoxide detector?  Yes, but let's not use them.
  • Is this experience right for me? We all need to unplug, we just don't realize it. Consider this a journey. Take the plunge. Jump with us. It is important to get out of your comfort zone, even if only for a single night. Nature has healing powers. We can put the word "Nature" in front of any positive statement and our attorneys will approve it. Nature Needs No Hype!

Anything we missed? Have further questions, call us at 828-386-7397 or email us at

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